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Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 launched in early May - Samsung Belgium newsroom

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 launched in early May – Samsung Belgium newsroom

At the beginning of May, Samsung will launch a slim and lightweight keyboard with the Smart Keyboard Trio 500. It is so compact that you can easily fit it in your bag to take anywhere and at the same time, the keys are the same size as a standard keyboard. Handy for times when you can use the convenience and efficiency of typing on a physical keyboard, but don’t want to take your laptop with you. You can work on three devices simultaneously with the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 via smart shortcuts. he isIt’s also natural to learn and work on the go, but sometimes it helps if you can return to a real keyboard, Says Davy Mons, Head of Mobile Marketing at Samsung Belgi.For these cases, there is the Smart Keyboard Trio 500. Multitasking is much easier and you can get more done with less effort, anytime, anywhere..

Connect to multiple devices

You have a Smart Keyboard Trio 500 in a few seconds Up and running. You connect it to a device and a notification appears on the screen via the Bluetooth button. Click Call, and type in the 6-digit code at That appears on your screen and you can get started.

You can connect Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 to three different devices at the same time via Bluetooth. You can then switch between devices with a simple click of a button. This way you can be busy with different things at the same time. I assume Take notes on your laptop, but want to quickly reply to a message on your smartphone. no problem. You can switch directly from one device to another.

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Instant access to your favorite apps

you may Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 Easily adapt to your own desires Choose three preferred apps on each device. You can do it When it opens immediately he is On one of the three Special the exams from keyboard Presses1. you look Video garage os I am a tablet And do you prefer AAn Social Media On your Phone, permission You can arrange this via Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500. You have direct access to this exact app on any connected devices That you enjoy using on this device.

Switch to a desktop-like experience

With the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 Is moving Is the galaxySmartphone for Tablet PC With the click of a button In DeX mode2. Via Docking station Change you Smartphone for Tablet PC Suddenly desktop. This way, you can work more comfortably.


The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 will be available in early May He. She Black and white suggested retail price for 44,99.