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Samsung Won't Add Dutch to Galaxy AI in the Coming Months – Tablets & Phones – News

I haven't had a Samsung phone for 2 years, I switched to an iPhone. One of the things that immediately struck me, besides the fact that I find everything clearer, more organized and more optimized, is that I have no difficulty dictating a few sentences on any device. In the car, on the watch, on the phone. Dictating a few sentences to reply on WhatsApp is always smooth. I use this every few days, especially in CarPlay and in Dutch. This is actually something that never worked on Samsung, partly because Bixby, as far as I know, didn't support Dutch at the time, making it practically useless to me. And on television too, I'd rather be wasted than rich.

My feelings towards Samsung have waned in recent years, the hardware is actually always good, but the software leaves a lot to be desired. Slow phone (Note 10, the most expensive version at the time), problems with the TV (Q90R, 75-inch TV), where the sound often drops out from HDMI, the forums are full of them. An SSD that wears out too quickly due to firmware bugs. Oh yeah, and the Watch4, which was really nice, but didn't have great support, while the Apple Watch is a different acquaintance after 4 years.

These are all things I have personally seen/experienced in the company. The LG C9 TV and iPhone work with the Apple Watch much better, with better support and fewer/no issues at all. This means that I now see Samsung as a second-tier brand. Good hardware for the money, but little support.

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