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Samsung ZamStar is a music app for the TikTok generation

Samsung ZamStar is a music app for the TikTok generation

Samsung wants to bring musicians together in a modern way through a new social medium called ZamStar.

Technology makes it easier than ever to bring people together. There are a lot of negative effects that come with social media, but Samsung You may have an answer to that. During CES 2022, the billion dollar company will announce a special stand accompanied by a smart guitar. The whole thing is clearly aimed at the younger generation of future musicians.

Samsung ZamStar for Social Creativity

The Samsung project aims to make it easier to share and create music with others. The foundation lies in ZamStar, a type of social media where musicians can add each other’s music. This concept is similar to tik tokDuet feature where users can post a video reply to an existing video.

ZamStar is entirely made up of this concept and focuses specifically on musicians. According to Samsung The platform is available to everyone from beginners to experts. Users can freely paste their interpretations of one song on another.

special guitar

In conjunction with ZamStar, Samsung is also announcing a custom guitar called ZamString. The guitar has LED lights under each of them worry From each series to give clues to beginners as to which notes to play.

This concept is also present in other forms. Think classic Guitar Hero games, later Rocksmith and many other uses of the interactive guitar for beginners.

At the moment, Samsung has yet to announce when the social medium and its accompanying guitar will be released.

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