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Sarah Everett’s murder provokes a lot of women: ‘It could have happened to me’

The assassination sparked a debate Street security In Great Britain. A campaign began, #ReclaimTheStreets In the UK, women are arguing for safe access to the streets at night.

Late today, an awareness campaign will be held in the ward where Sarah Everest was abducted. But under current corona measures, it is not allowed, which is why there is awareness Canceled By the company. “You notice the need to think about this,” DeWitt says. This murder is attracting more attention online.

Annalis Vaughn notes that the debate is not only conducted from the perspective that you should protect women. “Do you see a picture on Twitter – not only in the UK, but in the Netherlands – where?”Protect your doctors‘Is past and it says ‘Educating your sons‘Down. We should not have the standard story of protecting women. This may also be the way men approach women. “

UN Women Marie Cornelison of the Netherlands also find men increasingly declaring their solidarity. “Young people talk a lot.”

Britt, who lives near where Everest went missing, wonders what he can contribute:

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