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Tensions at Lease after Black Lives Matter protest escalates |  Now

Tensions at Lease after Black Lives Matter protest escalates | Now

Riots erupted in Liege, Belgium earlier on Saturday after a Black Lives Matter protest against police violence and racism. Silence seems to have returned to the city center, but not to the local media Last message Say there is still a “tense situation”. Police are present.

According to the Belgian media, about two hundred “hotheads” caused “serious riots” on Saturday afternoon and shook the center of the league. The rioters reportedly looted a McDonald’s restaurant and destroyed shops. A police station and police vehicles were thrown.

The youths attacked an agent, after which the situation escalated. The officer had to go to the hospital by ambulance. The other eight officers sustained minor injuries.

Police used three water cannons and tear gas canisters to call everyone out of the center. The rioters threw paving stones, road signs, shoes and glass bottles.

The protest was announced on Monday in response to an incident involving a Congolese woman who resisted police in the city’s central square. As a precaution, authorities had already prepared additional security forces on Saturday. Shopkeepers were asked to close their doors.

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