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Saus van Agent found the operator for a new motorhome site

It’s about John Winke, who owns a company in the old Dutch Reformed church in Saus van Gent: advertising agency Rect Door Jeev. “Keeping an eye on things is easy for us, but maintaining good relationships with the neighborhood and other stakeholders in the area,” says Vinke.

‘Good party’

We are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in finding an operator, Alderman Jack Pekijn of Ternuzen Municipality. “We hope Rect Dor Gee with entrepreneur John Winge is a good match for this.”

Because the camper area is important to his municipality. “A complete motorhome site contributes to attracting tourists to our municipality. Promoting the motorhome site and the surrounding area is a key pillar in this.”

Soil pollution

The municipality of Ternuzen went through a tender process in 2020 to realize and manage the motorhome base in Sass Van Agent. The attempt to find an operator went awry because the camber area had to be reduced due to soil pollution.

The site will soon accommodate 25 camps. There will also be facilities such as water tap, electricity and no waste water. Once these facilities are set up, the motorhome fee must be paid. It is not yet known when these will be built. “We will explain our plans to the locals soon,” Winge said. Now the camper space is still free.

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