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Schiphol limits the number of departing passengers

Schiphol limits the number of departing passengers

Dutch Schiphol Airport imposes a maximum number of passengers per day due to a shortage of staff. In July this number was about 67,500 passengers and in August 72,500. This means that flights will be canceled.

In recent weeks, queues have appeared in Schiphol that extend beyond the departure hall. The airport wants to prevent “uncontrollable queues” this summer, so the number of departing passengers is limited. In July, a maximum of 67,500 passengers are allowed to leave per day, and in August there were 72,500 passengers.

Especially in July, vacationers are victims of this procedure. The airport should then lose 13,500 seats. The airport promises to notify you of flights that will be canceled within two weeks. The burden should be shared equally between the airlines.

KLM airline is not satisfied with the situation. They answer: “Airport users cannot be structurally responsible for Schiphol’s capacity problems.” KLM holds Schiphol responsible for the financial impact of the measures and hopes this will be “short-term and non-recurring”. “With the current information we have received from Schiphol, it is expected that it will not be necessary to cancel existing reservations on a large scale,” the Dutch airline said.

Schiphol is understaffed, especially in the area of ​​security. Travelers risk missing out on their flight due to very long queues. In addition, unsafe situations can also arise. In addition, there are many more travelers than originally expected. Schiphol says he has more than doubled the number of travelers, but on the busiest days of last May as well as next summer, more travelers will arrive than expected in this scenario.

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“It’s not a responsibility to go to summer by chance,” Schiphol CEO Dick Pinshop said at a press conference. “We are responsible for the safety of our passengers and employees.” Not thinking about quitting smoking. He sees it as his “big job to get things right”.