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School children accepted Rangers player Camara whistle throughout the match, Sparta Prague denies racism: 'Stop attacking our children' |  European League

School children accepted Rangers player Camara whistle throughout the match, Sparta Prague denies racism: ‘Stop attacking our children’ | European League

European LeagueGlenn Kamara of Rangers was whistled in the European League by the audience of opponents Sparta Prague, which consisted of 10,000 schoolchildren. Rangers coach Steven Gerrard denounced the shameful incident, and Kamara’s lawyer also responded in the British press: “Prague has a problem with racism and as usual there is no place in UEFA.” The Scottish club will already file a complaint with UEFA. In Sparta Prague, they denied that it was about racism. “Stop attacking our children.”

Sparta Prague won 1-0, but what is even more remarkable is that Kamara received a concert every time he touched the ball. Fifteen minutes before the end, Camara was sent off the field with a second yellow card, much to the delight of the very young fans.

But according to the Czech club, there was no racism. It appears that “the whistle was in response to what Mr Camara said / did earlier this year”. “It has nothing to do with his skin color – no other black Rangers were booed by the way.” Stop attacking our kids. It is unbelievable to see, after the match, innocent children being attacked and facing baseless accusations of racism. Humiliating children online and in the media is unacceptable, desperate and ridiculous.”

Sparta Prague was originally supposed to play in front of an empty stadium, after a racist incident with Monaco player Aurelius Chuamini, but UEFA agreed to open the doors to 10,000 schoolchildren accompanied by some accompanying adults.

Gerrard: “I’m not surprised, but this has to stop”

Kamara has a history with Czech opponents. Six months ago, he was the victim of a racist incident against Slavia Prague. It was racially treated by Ondrej Kudela, which cost the Czechs 10 suspension games and thus participation in the European Championship.

Rangers coach and former Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard was asked about the events in the post-match press conference. “I haven’t always heard about it that much because I’ve been focused on the match, but I’m not surprised. It’s not the first time there have been problems here.”

“More needs to be done about this kind of situation,” Gerrard said. “I’m not saying that to myself, but also to anyone else in the world who thinks there should be tougher penalties for racism. It needs to be eliminated.” But as long as governments don’t do more about it, these attitudes will persist for a long time to come. Rangers have already announced that they are going to UEFA.

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Lawyer Camara: “UEFA cannot be seen anywhere”

Glenn Camara’s lawyer also responded to the unfortunate events in the British press. “I was hoping when Sparta Prague was closed that Glenn and other black players wouldn’t face racism, but tonight is a disgrace.”

“It didn’t make much of a difference per se, because with 10,000 pupils in the school booing Glen, the effect was exactly the same as with regular supporters. Prague has a serious problem with racism and as usual UEFA cannot be seen in any place “.

“I think Glenn and the other Rangers players showed their class by not responding to that, but no player should put up with this in European stadiums.” According to Camara’s lawyer, one of the young fans raised a banner that read “Team Kudela.”

France Press agency


France Press agency