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School kidnapping is now a ‘lucrative business’ in Nigeria

Abduction is as exceptional as it seemed then, and school abduction is now common in some parts of Nigeria. The girls, who returned this morning, were abducted a week after abducting 40 boys and their teachers in a nearby state. In December last year, more than three hundred boys were taken to their boarding school after an armed attack.

Higher redemption amount for children

One says smuggling is a growing industry in Nigeria Recent Report Nigerian security firm SBM The fact that more and more school students are falling victim to this is mainly a financial matter. Although Boko Haram terrorists had an ideological motive for their abduction in 2014, nowadays gangs are mainly for financial gain.

“It is a lucrative business in a country where many young people are poor, unemployed and hungry,” Ernest Erek, a professor of political science in Nigeria, told the Andhra News Agency. “The government, which has to deal with criminals, really helps them by fulfilling their demands.”

Fact: Despite the official Nigerian government policy of not paying ransoms, in practice smugglers actually seem to make little money. After the disappearance of the little girls in Sibok A Nigerian minister agreed Millions of euros exchanged were paid to free some of the girls. And The leaked phone call was shown The gang that led to the mass abduction of school children late last year has received more than ,000 65,000 for their release.

After the release of 279 girls in Jambara this morning, the governor did not answer the question of whether the ransom had been paid. “We have been in talks with the smugglers since Friday and now we have reached an agreement,” he said. His spokesman later said nothing had been paid, but promised a general pardon for the perpetrators.

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The Nigerian press reported this morning that the women were returning: