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Screen Flanders invests in Jan Verheyen, with screenplay from his daughter |  Movie

Screen Flanders invests in Jan Verheyen, with screenplay from his daughter | Movie

MovieScreen Flanders is investing two million euros in eleven new audiovisual productions. This was announced by the Flemish Economy Minister Hilda Krewitz today. The list of supported productions under the first call for 2021 includes the Flemish fantasy series “Arcadia” and “Chantal”, the Flemish documentary series “The Story of Flanders” and the Flemish feature films “Messi Baghdad”, “Sweetheart”, “The Family of Claus 2” and “Hazard”.

Through Screen Flanders, the Flemish government gives audio-visual products that spend part of their budget in the Flemish region a financial boost. Belgian producers (subscribing) can request through Screen Flanders up to €400,000 in advances reimbursable as economic support for their audiovisual expenses within the Flemish region.

An investment of €2,000,000 in the first call for 2021 will generate over €15.7 million in eligible audiovisual expenditures in the Flemish region, representing an economic leverage of 7.86 per € invested. Aid amounts for this call range from 50 thousand euros to 400 thousand euros per project.

Supported chain first call 2021

Screen Flanders supports four fantasy series within this call: Flemish series “Arcadia”, “Chantal”, international series “L’Opéra” (season two) and “Hostage”. In addition, the documentary series “The Story of Flanders” can also count on the support of the Fund.

Supported Feature Films First Call 2021

In addition to five series, six feature films can also count on the fund’s support, including the Flemish feature films “Baghdad Messi”, “De Family Claus II”, “Hazard”, “Buttersuit Sixteen” and the international co-production “Le otto montagne” and ‘a piece of my heart’.

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In the Flemish feature film “Bittersweet Sixteen” we follow Lotte who, in the run-up to her sixteenth birthday celebration, finds her way into the social jungle of the humanities. Like most teenagers, this is not just a search for herself, but for her place in the group and in the big, impressive world. The screenplay for this Flemish high school movie was written by the Verhein family: Anna Verhein, Lianne Willart and Jan Verhein.

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