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see  Verstappen (and girlfriend) clearly unimpressed after public targets him: “I win prizes” |  Formula 1

see Verstappen (and girlfriend) clearly unimpressed after public targets him: “I win prizes” | Formula 1

Max Verstappen (26) won the Texas GP after a great catch-up race. It was the fifteenth win in eighteen GPs this season for the Dutch world champion, but many Formula 1 fans in America would have liked to see another winner. The Red Bull star was jubilant as he was honored on the podium, but was clearly not impressed.

Verstappen started sixth in Austin. Exceptionally he had to chase for half a race. It looked like a real battle on the US circuit for a long time to the delight of American fans. However, what many of them clearly didn’t like was Verstappen winning again.

When the Dutchman received his trophy on stage, there was a lot of cheering from the audience. At the time, the camera captured Kelly Piquet, Verstappen’s 34-year-old girlfriend. He was filming his partner and didn’t seem impressed (see video above).

The same goes for Verstappen. On ViaPlay, he was asked if he was angry that fans targeted him. “No, no,” he said. “In the end, I take home the prizes, so I’m all good.”

Max Verstappen.
Max Verstappen. © Photo News

A lot of Mexican fans

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Verstappen took his fiftieth career GP win in Austin. He already has fifteen wins this season, equaling the record he set last year. That’s four more grands prix to come. An unprecedented dominance is clearly causing some frustration among fans. Also, many Mexican fans are coming to Austin, and for them the Dutchman is the man who did not let their hero Sergio Perez pass by to finish second in last year’s championship.

F1 continues next week with the Grand Prix of Mexico, where Verstappen will also have to accept some encouragement. It is traditionally held at Silverstone, the home of Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris. Verstappen doesn’t think much of it – he’s compared it to football stadiums before.

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