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Semi-naked models show off their bodies in strange strappy bikinis (video)

Semi-naked models show off their bodies in strange strappy bikinis (video)

Black strappy bikini. This trend has been around for a while.

Why? Women want to have a bikini line that is as precise and defined as possible, with the fluorescent white butt and breasts contrasting as much as possible with the rest of the bronzed body.

There are artistic experiments with shapes, especially on the chest and buttocks, which are better.

There are also real fashion shows with just a black bar. Models recently appeared on the catwalk for Black Ribbon Projectappear during Miami Swim Week.

The super-fit models wore only tiny pieces of black and metallic body tape. Worse still, the models also danced and did handstands in their still clothes – while others were recorded on stage as part of the wild live performance.

However, not everyone praised the strange designs; Some commentators wondered how this could be considered fashion, and others said it was not safe to wear outside.

Black Ribbon Project It was founded by Joel Alvarez, also known as Drakhan Blackheart to his 894,000 Instagram followers, who calls himself “the world’s only expert on body tapes.”

The Cuban-American designer once lived in his car and now regularly meets with celebrities as he shows his designs around the country during various swim weeks.

Finally a job where you will enjoy staying.

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