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Sergio Hermann closes the door behind him in Cadzand

Sergio Hermann closes the door behind him in Cadzand

CADZAND – Sergio Hermann has closed the Cadzand chapter once and for all. In the Dutch coastal municipality, next to Knokke, Hermann has made a name for himself with his culinary skills. In this way he also brought Kadzand's appeal into the spotlight. Sergio Hameran has mainly retreated to Antwerp with his concept, but he may have other plans.

Last Easter weekend, the last restaurant in Cadzand bearing the Sergio Hermann quality label closed. The famous Zealand-born chef ran two catering establishments there: Pure C and AIRrepublic.

Pure C closed on September 23. And now AIRrepublic has followed suit. Hermann leased buildings owned by businessmen Bart and Ann Gorthmans, who also had the Strand Hotel in their portfolio, where Hermann's restaurants were located. The owners previously said they would try to attract new culinary challenges to Cadzand.

An alternative to knokki

Locals say the departure comes as a blow to Kadzand. After all: Hermann gave the coastal municipality of Zealand a positive image and reputation.

A contribution from Het Nieuwsblad shows that local real estate agencies have always used Sergio Hermann's personality as an additional asset. West Flemish project developers Company Het Zoet and Versluis have invested heavily in Cadzand over the past 15 years, giving the previously sleepy fishing community a boost. Many West Flemish property buyers therefore saw Cadzand as a cheaper but attractive alternative to regular properties. The Knokke is overrated.