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Several sponsors withdrew from Antwerp after the controversial appointment of the Overmars, and ZNA also halted cooperation

Several sponsors withdrew from Antwerp after the controversial appointment of the Overmars, and ZNA also halted cooperation

The appointment of a discredited Marc Overmars as Technical Director has caused problems for Royal Antwerp FC. Three sponsors have already terminated their contracts, and the Antwerp hospital group ZNA has also terminated the collaboration. The club responded and spoke of a “fatal mistake in our advertisement”.

First, HR firm Select Group announced that it will not renew its collaboration with Great Old after this season, followed by Descroes, who specializes in pest control at the port. Following the departure of these two small “partners”, the premium sponsor Federale Verzekering insurer has now also ended the collaboration.

Moreover, ZNA also continues to cooperate I’m waiting† Concretely, this means that the Antwerp Hospital Group will no longer accept funds or merchandise from the club, and will no longer accept proposals to allow patients to start or attend a match. “We have always valued the cooperation with the club. If we want to continue to look for thousands of our employees and hundreds of thousands of patients in our eyes, we cannot afford to continue with this matter. Respect and professionalism are two of our core values. We continue these values ​​in contact with and selection of our partners.”

All departing sponsors cite the appointment of head coach Marc Overmars as the reason. But communication about this also bothers them. The choice to appoint Mr Overmars, who has recently been accused of repeated aggressive behavior and is currently under independent investigation in the Netherlands, is in direct conflict with the values ​​and standards of our partner Select Group. ‘In a press release. “We are very surprised by this decision. As a permanent partner and sponsor of the RAFC, we have not been consulted or informed in advance.

Especially Lack of guilt insight during press conference Monday will carry the club’s Select Group team and Marc Overmars. We therefore deeply regret that the moment was lost during the press conference to witness calmly, cautiously and deliberately this process of self-reflection and insight gained, neither by RAFC management nor by Mr. Overmars himself. Nor have we heard or noticed any interest in communicating or dealing with the problem.

Marc Neto has to do his trick against Ajax again

Pest fighter partner too

Maxim van Houwerbeek, director of Descroes, a port company that specializes in fumigating ships, containers and tonnage for pest control, reacts similarly. “It’s about appointing the Overmars himself, but also about poor communication at the club.” There was no contact with the club prior to the decision. Descroes also did not receive any response to the email.

The company has sponsored Antwerp for three years and has a contract for the next two years, but it is in breach of that contract. We have verified this with our legal department and are satisfied that we are within our rights. If this has consequences, we are prepared to bear them.

There is no official contact yet

Earlier, two of the major sponsors also announced that they had fundamental questions about the appointment of a man who, during his tenure as Ajax’s director of football, had sent various messages, including dickpics, to the company’s female employees. It’s about FastGood Helen and the Golden Palace

Antwerp was contacted on Monday via a hastily held press conference about the recruitment of the Overmars. Meanwhile, neither the club’s website nor social media mentioned the controversial Dutchman’s recruitment.

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