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Shakira summons Rossana Kluivert to testify in the tax fraud case

Shakira summons Rossana Kluivert to testify in the tax fraud case

The Spanish judiciary officially opened criminal proceedings against Shakira on charges of tax evasion in the years 2012-2014. The Colombian singer is said to have committed six criminal offences, resulting in a loss of €14.5 million to the Spanish tax authorities. Prosecutors in the case previously said they would seek eight years and two months in prison and also wanted to impose a fine of 24 million euros.

According to the judiciary, places of residence and companies were manipulated to evade income tax on a large scale. The singer disputes these accusations and has previously refused to settle the lengthy case. In the remainder of the case, Shakira is said to have called around 117 witnesses, including her friend Rosana. It is not yet known whether Patrick Kluivert’s wife will actually testify in this case.

A total of seven days have been allocated to the lawsuit surrounding the singer. It will be distributed from November 20 to December 14. In addition to Rossana, Shakira is also said to have called a number of her other neighbors to testify. The Zumba instructor, chef, driver and also former Antonio de la Rua are said to be on the list of potential witnesses.

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