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Should Bezos turn red?  KV Mechelen furious at judging: “It’s incomprehensible” |  The last playoff match

Should Bezos turn red? KV Mechelen furious at judging: “It’s incomprehensible” | The last playoff match

Belgian footballKV Mechelen was unhappy with managing the competition after the defeat against AA Gent. According to them, Roman Bezos should have gone red to ride the pedal. “Where was the VAR?”

“Disappointment and anger,” Vanlerberg laments. “We have to play a half-match against ten. It’s incomprehensible that the pedal after that is not punished in red. I can’t understand that. Bezos is kicking after me. I don’t know what they are doing on the VAR, but I really don’t understand that.”

“Have you seen the pictures yet? I shouldn’t see him. Putting on his leg. The referee said he was falling, but you don’t do it with a straight leg. I can’t understand how bad decisions are made in such an important match. This is unacceptable to me. Otherwise it is lost.” We played a game to ten and got another game. I might not be able to say that, but if we do something like that, we get red. After the first half, the referee came to the field and said he was not red. (Sarcastically) I don’t seem to know any. Something about her. “

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Jordi Vanlerberg fights with Roman Bezos

Jordi Vanlerberg fights with Roman Bezos © Photo News

“I cannot understand that up to that point it has not been looked at.”

In Vanlerberg, feelings of frustration increased. “Ghent is a great team that has reduced itself to wasting time. The reference did not intervene. You should expect us to be professionals, but should we not expect that from judging? I cannot understand that this stage has not even been looked at.”

Footer Franken joined his player. “That was a kick, wasn’t it? Actually we had to be against 10. I just saw the footage. Bezos extends his leg as soon as Jordi comes in. And right after that he signals” no. “Then you know how time is now.”

But in KV Mechelen they also had to admit that it wasn’t their best match. There was no doubt about a new football mix, but the Mechelen brand this season. “The team was on the gum. We missed a few boys and trained in the pain in the past days. But this is no excuse. We took the goals easily. The disappointment is great. We were left empty-handed.”

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