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Leye Lestienne and Carcela push out at Standard

Leye Lestienne and Carcela push out at Standard

Standard’s final match was one in season style, as Roch was painfully defeated by a 1-3 against KV Oostende. Roch was already knocked out for the European ticket and so Mbaye seemed to be testing a bit for next season. For example, 17-year-old Nathan Nguy made his debut, as did other teens such as Callot and Delphriere.

Additionally, there were also a few notable absentees from Leye’s choice. After the match, the coach was asked if those who did not qualify on the match sheet could leave next season. He replied, “You can conclude that from that.” the future. “At some point, you have to break things before you can rebuild. Some are no longer excited, but will be again at the beginning of preparation. Once the transfer window is over, they will, as always, run out of a lot. Their comfort.”

With the last statement, it seemed to me targeting Mehdi Carcela and Maxime Listian in particular. They were the most notable absentees of check-in on a Saturday night. “They still have a contract here. But next season there will be some players who still have a contract, but we will not need them anymore …”, he has already hinted at his departure.

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