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Silver and bronze 4×400 medals on the final day of the World Indoor Championships

Silver and bronze 4×400 medals on the final day of the World Indoor Championships

On the final day of the World Indoor Championships, the Netherlands won two more medals in the 4x400m relay. The women won silver and the men bronze. As a result, the NL team returns home with a total of four pieces: twice silver and twice bronze. Meno could not compete for the Vloon medals.

Two world records added to the match’s brilliance today: Monto Duplandis in the goal vault and Yulimer Rojas in the triple jump.

Femke Bol and Lieke Klaver celebrate the silver medal.

Eric von Leaven

Relays 4×400 meters

The World Indoor Championships traditionally ended with a 4x400m relay, with the main contribution of the Netherlands, continuing from 2021. Orange was a worldwide hit last year with leading shows in Europe and globally. Both teams easily qualified for the final of the series on Sunday morning.

In the evening Isaiah Boers and Joachim Dober were ‘transferred’ to new forces Daimir Burnett and Terence Accord. Burnett started, Schmidt finished second again, Accord was now third and the final touch was back to Van Diepen. Experienced Belgians topped the table with 3.06.52 points, beating Spain by 3.06.82 points and ‘Our Boys’ by 3.06.90 points.

With the absence of currently injured captains Limerick Bonnevacia and Ramsay Angela, the unique big team could go even faster at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene this summer, where they want to be as good again as they were at the Silver Olympics. Medal in Tokyo, or maybe even better. The men also said it was in the mixed zone. Debutant Burnett is happy with his change in the 400-meter run. At training camp I talked to Laurent Mewley a lot and it became clear that we could compete for medals. I’m happy with my bottom, this is a great team.

Nick Schmidt spoke about an exciting event during the race. ‘Of course we are happy with the bronze, but at the same time it is a bit bitter. It was so confusing. ‘ Accord started very quickly. ‘To meet the need, you have to do. Breaking you down in the end is in the game. We have a piece, then you count. ‘ Tony von Dipon is a perfect finisher.

Femke was included in the women’s final at the expense of Andrea Bauma. League Clover went into his fifth (!) Weekend start, an incredible fact, as he crossed the line first. Evelyn Salberg has now made her ‘real introduction’ as she describes herself. Lisanne de Witte limited the damage, after which Femke Bol ran straight from four to two. ‘Don’t add that five times four hundred meters,’ Clover laughs. “But the truth is, we train very hard and can do it later.”

Last year, Salberg saw what it meant to participate in a competition. ‘I’m there now, and that too at the World Cup.’ Lisane was surprisingly ahead of the start. ‘In my opinion I started out very hard. But, I finally thought I could get them back, thankfully I got very close, so Femke was able to finish it. He had passed it carefully with Mevli before. “He told me to calm down. When the first three finally left, I was patient using the opportunity I got.

Both teams individually expressed their appreciation and tribute to Joachim Dober, Isaiah Browers and Andrea Boma, who were strategically strong and highly valued for their performance. After all, with five or six people you are stronger than four. The Netherlands plays a decisive role in the 4×400 meter relay world; It was the only country to win two medals in Belgrade, where both teams made their debut at the World Indoor Championships.

Menno Vloon broke the fifth, Liam van der Schaaf record

Menno Woolon flew easily above 5.45, 5.60 and 5.75 meters, but had to cross 5.85 meters. He did not come close to 5.91 meters at the start of this season, let alone his Dutch record of 5.96 meters from 2021. Fifth place shared his role. In the end, only four athletes competed in height.

Liam van Der Schaff fell in the 60-meter hurdles in the semifinals, but tightened that time by three hundred to 7.69 in the semifinals, even after leveling his personal best of 7.72 in the series. Peak at the right time, 21eOf the world. Meanwhile, world record holder Grand Holloway equaled his own world record of 7.29 in the semifinals.

Triple jump and pole vault world records

International finals without Dutch input are a feast on Sunday. What about the bizarre 15.74 meters on the sixth and final attempt by Venezuelan triple jumper Yulimer Rojas in the morning show? He broke his own record of no less than 31 centimeters since 2020, and jumped exactly one meter higher than that. Better than the others Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk from Ukraine also advanced 14.74 meters.

Yulimer Rojas broke the world record at the Indoor World Cup in Belgrade

Yulimer Rojas broke the world record

Eric von Leaven

The last jump with Monto Dublandis’ polar jump was the last act of the World Cup, but it was a new world record of 6.20 meters. In the 60-meter hurdles, world record holder Grand Holloway equaled his own world record of 7.29 in the semifinals, eventually enough to win 7.39.

In the morning, the men’s high jump final was over, with South Korea’s Sangyok Woo giving an extra shine in his first season and throwing over 2.34 meters in a successful attempt to all. Not even Olympic champion Gianmarco Tampere was next to anyone, and shared the bronze medal with New Zealand’s Hamish Kerr at a height of 2.31 meters, while the Swiss Loik Kasch jumped 2.31 meters.

Ethiopian Seliman Pareka won the men’s 3000m at 7.41.38am. The world record holder in the 1500 meters in the evening was not Jacob Ingrikatson, but Samuel Defera of Ethiopia who won gold with a lightning speed of 3.32.77.

In the women’s 800 meters, American Aji Wilson was in his own class in 1.59.09 seconds. In the women’s long jump, Ivan Vuleta, a Serbian athlete formerly known as Spanovic, was the hope of the home crowd, and he lived longer than that: his 7.06m was clearer than Nigeria’s 6.85m silver.

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