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US ambassador: ‘New agreement with Taliban failed …

The agreement with the Taliban failed as the Afghan president hurriedly fled Afghanistan last month. US Ambassador Salme Khalilzad says in the newspaper Financial times.

The fall of Kabul last month led to the chaotic expulsion of Western citizens, but apparently could have been prevented. Khalilzad said it was agreed at the last minute that the Taliban would not enter the city yet.

According to the diplomat, the contract was awarded for a change period of two weeks. President Ashraf Ghani will continue in office temporarily. Qatar, meanwhile, is reportedly in talks with an interim government.

Confusion due to flight

In the end, none of those agreements came into force. Gani went abroad, which led to chaos in the capital. Khalilzad told the newspaper he was unaware of the Afghan leader’s flight plan. After he leaves, security services will no longer operate.

The Taliban asked if the United States could guarantee security in Kabul. “And you know what happened. We don’t want to take that responsibility,” Khalilzad said in his first interview after the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to the Financial Times, Connie could not be reached for comment. The former president said he had previously fled to avoid further bloodshed.

US Ambassador Salme Khalilzad and Taliban co-founder Abdul Gani Bardar signed the previous agreement in 2020.
Photo: EPA-EFE
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