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Simone Biles shares a post explaining why we should support the waiver: 'We've already endured more trauma than most people will ever experience' |  the Olympics

Simone Biles shares a post explaining why we should support the waiver: ‘We’ve already endured more trauma than most people will ever experience’ | the Olympics

the OlympicsShe herself does not delve into her mental struggles. So gymnastics star Simone Biles, 24, shared a long message from gymnast and former coach Andrea Oris, which shows the American actually swam in many waters at a young age. “She does not deserve to be condemned. Because, one, she is human, and two, she has done everything for this sport.”

Simone Biles herself did not want to talk much about her mental difficulties, and as a result she was knocked out of the national competition at the Olympics yesterday and also announced the day after that she would not be participating in the Olympics. Ultimate in all respects. “I struggle with some things internally,” she said. VTM News. “I’m in the head with the demons,” it sounded later.

Questions are asked here and there about her actions. They are looking for reasons and explanations. Biles herself did not respond to this, but now she is sending a message to the world. Not written by himself, the 24-year-old gymnast shares a post from former gymnast and coach Andrea Oris. Titled: “Why we should support Bills’ decision not to participate in the team finals.” An explanation that Biles could relate to – so she shared the text on her Instagram Stories.

Andrea Orris’ full post:

“I am very frustrated by the comments about Simone Biles. She is not mentally strong. Or she has given up on her team.”

“We’re talking about the same girl who was abused during her childhood and teenage years by a ‘doctor’ team (Larry Nassar, convicted of years of sexual abuse within USA Gymnastics, editor), won the whole world – a carousel title while she had kidney stones, She trained her body for an extra year through the coronavirus pandemic, added so many new elements to her practice that the judges literally didn’t know how to judge her because she was way ahead of her time, and we knew countless other drawbacks we didn’t even notice existed all without forgetting her responsibilities to Sponsors, media, and personal relationships.

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“This girl had more trauma at the age of 24 than most people would go through in their lives.”

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“For non-gymnasts, this can be hard to understand. But the fact that she tripped in the air and did a 1.5 turn instead of 2.5 is effective a big deal. This is Terrifying. She could have been seriously injured by getting lost in the air. The fact that she somehow landed on her feet shows how experienced and wonderful she is. One small wrong move could mean the end of her career. Or worse: you could be fatally wounded.”

“The fact that she later left the contest on her own, means that everything she struggles for internally has to be taken seriously. Especially considering what she has already achieved and his experience. Although we try to explain it, we will never fully know her struggles. She deserves respect and compassion. She doesn’t deserve to be judged. Because, one, she’s human, and two, she’s done everything for this sport.”

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