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Simonneke Frank cheated with Colonel Vandesijpe of De Kampioenen: Is this the end of Thuis' primitive couple?  † Showbiz

Simonneke Frank cheated with Colonel Vandesijpe of De Kampioenen: Is this the end of Thuis’ primitive couple? † Showbiz

televisionSevere storms are coming in Twice. On Wednesday’s episode it became clear that Simon cheated on Frank with Dirk One. If her “baby” finds out that after 26 seasons it may be over and out to the primitive couple in the land of soap. Some viewers are already convinced that the break is coming, because they discovered a hidden hint.

This “something” happened on the bizarre cruise that Simone (Marilyn Merckx) won, and it immediately became clear when she got home last week. Without Frank (Paul Goosen) being able to hear him, traveling companion Tanya (Catherine de Becker) whispered to her: “Hello Simon, What happened in the journey, stays in the journey“Hey.” And then only the silent Simon nodded gratefully. However, what should have been kept a secret and what Frank was not allowed to know remained unclear for a few more episodes.

Simoneke cheated on a cruise. © VRT

On Tuesday, Aunt Angèle (Lut Hannes) speculated that Simone and Tania might have had a lesbian adventure. It wasn’t revealed that Simone skated obliquely with Dirk, one of the other passengers on the flight, until Wednesday’s episode. “I’ve never heard from Dirk again,” she told Tanya, who is well aware of her roommate’s amorous excesses. Simonne wanted to close the class with Dirk and therefore deleted the picture of the man in question from her mobile phone. end of story? According to quite a few viewers, he is definitely not.

Ron Cornet

Ron enters the picture.

Ron enters the picture. © VRT

After all, some alert soap fans noticed on fan sites that they recognized the man in the photo Simon showed in ‘Thuis’. Someone asked on the official “Thuis” account: “Isn’t that Colonel Vandesigbe from the Club de Campionen?

Another online added, “Yes, this is Ron Cornett, the superstar actor who was playing in ‘Wittekerke.'” This choice has been interpreted as golden advice from the TV makers that Simone and her lover’s story has yet to be told. It read: “Ron’s choice foretells with the extra track of this story.” “Because the fact that no one extra was hired for that picture, but such a good actor, only means that this actor will soon appear in the story and cause trouble. Simon’s slipper is going to get a serious tail anyway.”

Someone concludes, “This guy’s going to screw things up soon.” “Frank will go away and everything will come true. And then this could be the end of Frank and Simon in ‘Thuis,'” she says.

Frank and Simonki

Frank and Simonki © VRT

Simone by the way isn’t ready for the audition piece with Dirk. The character has had some gaffes in the past. Although she was with Frank, Simone has also dived into the bag over the past 26 years with Vercammen (Sjarel Branckaerts), Mo (Noureddine Farihi), Luc (Mark Willems), Jean-Marie (Ben Segers), and Herman ( Jos) Dom) and Waldek (Bart van Avermaet).

This active list is now supplemented by Dirk. Would this be too much for Simone?

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