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Yes!  The sublime word was out after all [...] In the trailer for "Doctor Strange 2"

Yes! The sublime word was out after all […] In the trailer for “Doctor Strange 2”

Just to make sure, we’ll give you another one spoiler warning Beforehand, but everyone already sensed this, and now it is also confirmed by those who know it well themselves.

Although he made a valiant attempt to deny his involvement in previous interviews, apparently Sir Patrick Stewart Now we are fully aware that all of our hearing viewers recognized their voice in the trailer for Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness

That’s why he admitted that he will reprise the role of Professor Charles Xavier in the much-anticipated Marvel Studios sequel.

In a conversation with Jakes Takes, Stewart dropped all allegations and spoke frankly about fans’ reaction to seeing/hearing him: “Well, my phone was turned off when that happened, so I didn’t hear anything.”

“I didn’t wake up until the next morning to find that I had been bombarded with responses from my PR staff. I didn’t actually recognize my voice at first, it sounded different. I might have caught a cold or I don’t know something. But I was stunned, all they saw was My shoulder back, I guess my earlobe, nothing else. But I loved it.”

role type
As far as we know, Professor X will be a member of the Illuminati multi-scenes along with many other characters. It remains to be seen if he will stay on board as the iconic lead for the X-Men, but the younger actor will likely be cast once Marvel begins work on this reboot.

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It will hit theaters around the world in May.

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