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Singapore onthult drijvend zonnepark met 122.000 zonnepanelen

Singapore unveils floating solar farm with 122,000 solar panels

One of Singapore’s largest floating solar power plants was unveiled on Wednesday. 122,000 solar panels have been installed on an area equivalent to 45 football fields.

Solar panels float in a tenge tank. It must provide sufficient energy to operate the five water treatment plants in the city-state. The floating power plant will be able to generate up to 60 megawatts.

Singapore is one of the largest per capita emitters of greenhouse gases in buoys in Asia. Given the lack of open space in the city-state, finding space for renewable energy projects is a major challenge.

The floating power plant will be able to generate up to 60 megawatts. Thanks to the solar panels, CO2 emissions would be reduced by the equivalent of 7,000 cars derailed, it seems.

The Singapore government came up with a “green plan” in February. Among other things, it wants to plant trees, reduce waste, and install charging stations for electric cars. Solar production should quadruple, rising to 2% of the country’s consumption by 2025 and 3% by 2030.

Singapore wants to halve its carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 compared to 2030, and then achieve zero emissions “as soon as possible”. Most industrialized countries are more ambitious.

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