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Singer and guitarist Manskin kisses dearly on stage as ...

Singer and guitarist Manskin kisses dearly on stage as …

During a show in Poland, the Italian Eurovision winner Manskin made a clear statement to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Frontman Damiano and guitarist Thomas kissed each other with a deep kiss on stage. “Love is never wrong‘It sounded loud.

The members of the Italian rock band MĂ„neskin also kissed while performing at the Eurovision Song Contest. But it is no coincidence that singer Damiano David and guitarist Thomas Raggi kissed each other closely in front of the cameras during a show in Poland. After all, the Polish LGBTI community is no better off than in Hungary, where a new law was recently passed banning so-called “gay propaganda” for minors.

“Everyone should be able to do this without fear,” the singer shouted after the kiss. Everyone should be completely free to be who they are silly you want to be. Love is never wrongCheers erupted in the hall. The video has since been passionately shared on social media.

The band, who has already released two albums in Italy and achieved 22 singles platinum, will be on stage at Lokerse Feesten on Thursday, August 5. Tickets sold out in no time.

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