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Why Blumhouse's The Hunt became a massive failure

Why Blumhouse’s The Hunt became a massive failure

Most horror movie fans are probably familiar with Blumhouse studio. The American Film and Television Production Company was founded in 2000. Since then it has been working on all kinds of big franchises such as supernatural activityAnd the vile On Halloween He is also responsible for toppers such as split, ripAnd the Get out On Invisible Man. However, according to Jason Bloom, there is also a very disappointing movie.

According to founder Blum, this is about parody the huntmet o Hilary Swank, from Craig Zobel. The story revolves around a group of poor conservatives who wake up in a remote place where the rich leftists hunt and kill them for the sake of sports.

The topic got the American minds wrong in the whole electoral fray. Even President Donald Trump spoke very negatively about the movie, without even having seen it. As a result of all the criticism (and the shootings in Dayton and El Paso, although they had no connection to the film), Universal Studios decided to cancel the film’s release entirely.

In March 2020, about a year after the original release, the studio released the movie to the world after all. However, after a few weeks, the epidemic broke out and all cinemas closed. Bloom, the film’s producer, says the film really didn’t stand a chance.

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Bloom says that the political controversy surrounding The Hunt was already too big for the film, which suffered greatly:It’s a shame anywayBlum begins.Several people had already made a judgment on the movie, not knowing what The Hunt was really about…

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The movie did not go viral and was also a flop at the box office. For example, the cost of making The Hunt was about $ 14 million, but it did not bring even half that amount in America. Worldwide, the movie did well for around $16 million. Bloom sees The Hunt as the “biggest disappointment” of his career.