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Six portable wind turbines protect 30 hectares of orchards in Italy from frost

Six portable wind turbines protect 30 hectares of orchards in Italy from frost

On Tuesday, March 22, six FrostFans windmills were delivered to South Italian farmer Masseria Fruttirossi, who wants to protect pomegranates from the frequent frosts of spring. Immediately after delivery, there was a small demonstration of the operation of the machines.

FrostFans anti-frost wind engines

“The April snowfall last year affected about 30 hectares of pomegranate cultivation,” says David de Lizzie, a cultivation technician at the Apulia-based company. “Despite the excellent season that has recently ended, we have felt that loss. To protect our crops, we have decided to purchase six Frost Fans mobile machines that can be placed in areas with high frosts. It’s an alternative to the classic anti – frost method used. “

FrostFans wind turbines are manufactured and manufactured in New Zealand. Masseria Fruttirossi has purchased two models: 250h and 650i. The first orchard can be protected up to 4.5 hectares and the second up to 7 hectares.

“We do not sleep well in April. The pomegranate will start to plant after that, so temperatures near or below zero will damage the buds and open flowers. FrostFans wind machines are flexible, user-friendly and innovative: when the temperature drops below a predetermined level, the machines automatically It starts with turning off the machine and you can control them remotely with your smartphone. “

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