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Apple pays more US store employees |  Abroad

Apple pays more US store employees | Abroad

Technology company Apple is set to pay more retail employees in the United States. During information meetings and personal conversations with employees in stores, it was announced last week that employees would be paid more, Bloomberg News Agency reported on an insider basis. Apple, like other companies, is struggling with wage pressures due to staff shortages and inflation.

This includes wage increases of 2 to 10 percent depending on the location of the store. The position of the employee also plays a role in the pay rise. For some, an hourly pay rise can mean a few dollars.

Not all Apple Store employees will receive a pay rise and not all stores have been notified of the increase yet. Evidence suggests that part of the pay rise was part of a pre-infection outlook for vendors and technical support staff, as well as older workers. Employees of the iPhone manufacturer have also repeatedly complained about working conditions during infections.

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An Apple spokesman declined to comment on the pay rise, which is due to take effect this month. These increases will be separate from regular annual salary increases. These usually come into effect in October, which coincides with the end of Apple’s fiscal year.

In an effort to keep employees happy, Apple had already planned to continue paying during the holidays for the first time. Employees may take more sick days. The company also gave bonuses to employees of certain groups who were previously hired. Apple stores employ tens of thousands of people in hundreds of locations around the world.

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