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Slaughterhouse neighborhood in the last straight line of the revival: we ... (Antwerp)

Slaughterhouse neighborhood in the last straight line of the revival: we … (Antwerp)


The area around the slaughterhouse in the dam area is undergoing a major transformation. Initial design for the first two phases has been approved and public domain construction will begin in 2023.

Patrick Van de Berry

The initial design relates to the area around Kalverwei, the slaughterhouse halls and the area around Noordschippersdok and Kalverpad. The new public space should become a green link between the existing homes and the new neighborhood to be built on the slaughterhouse land.

Overall, there will be 39,000 square meters of public green space. In the past, when the slaughterhouse was still operating at full capacity, the area around the slaughterhouse was a busy neighborhood. That has changed in recent years and the abandoned buildings are not a pretty sight. “This will change now,” says Alderman of Urban Development Department Annick De Ridder (N-VA).

The final design for the first two phases will be ready next year. “Construction of the public domain will begin in 2023. In the meantime, permits have also been issued for the construction of AP University of Applied Sciences campuses and homes in the industrial zone,” Ships continues.

We will continue to monitor the file.

The new public domain is expected to be ready in the fall of 2024. The conversion of the slaughterhouse site into a residential area will take several more years and will take place in several phases. The new neighborhood will be car-free.

Damcomié, which is made up of local residents, says it will continue to monitor the file to verify that the changes they requested to the original plan have actually been implemented.

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“By approaching the State Council, we enforced an increase in the number of square meters of green and unpaved space. We also asked that no additional cars pass through the neighborhood. We will read the plans carefully, until we are sure that our wishes are included,” says Water van Mull of the Dam Commission. .

One of the dam commission’s concerns is the affordability of new homes. Hopefully the people who are now living in a dilapidated house in the neighborhood will move into new apartments and homes. In this regard, we are waiting for an initiative from the city.”