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Small space for your gas boiler? Discover Remeha’s compact Avanta Ace – central heating

In addition to the Tzerra, Calenta and Quinta, the Avanta Ace is the latest addition to the Ace family of gas wall-mounted boilers from Remeha. The gas fired condensing boiler catches the eye with its compact design that requires little space for installation. Ideal for small families looking for a quiet and economical solution for space heating and domestic hot water production.

A . smart kettle

The Avanta Ace wall mounted boiler has a stainless steel boiler body and is available in two versions, 28c and 35c, with a maximum power of 26.1 kW and 32.5 kW respectively. Both versions receive the Energy Class A label and are, in addition to being energy efficient, particularly quiet (maximum 51dB). Ideal for heating and domestic hot water for a small family.

Like other shells of the Ace family, the Avanta Ace is equipped with the advanced eSmart Inside control system. As a user, this gives you the opportunity to connect your boiler to other smart devices in the home, such as the eTwist thermostat. In addition, the device provides useful notifications when, for example, you need to fill in water or make an appointment for maintenance.

Ready for the future

Remeha had a sustainable future in mind when designing the Avanta Ace. For example, you can now install an Ace gas boiler, and in the long run, you can easily connect other sustainable heat sources, such as a solar boiler or a hybrid heat pump. In addition, the new Remeha boiler is suitable for propane, low- and high-calorie gases and natural gas with a mixture of 20% hydrogen.

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