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Someone drove a van through New Zealand

Yara Rejring (23) was in her twenties when she traveled with her boyfriend in a small van through New Zealand. The couple had known each other for half a year. “I would actually go it alone, but I think I could not have done it.”

Someone and her boyfriend made the final relationship choice. Merge IKEA cabinet together? They took it a step further! The couple toured New Zealand in a hippie camp for three months. “We had a table and sofa that you could turn into a bed. There was also a cold box and a tub of water, that’s all.”

Flying 26 hours

Her boyfriend quit her regular job and by that time she had stopped working at Hudson Bay. Let the journey begin! Someone hates flying, but she got on a plane to New Zealand anyway. “It was a 26-hour flight. We arrived in Christchurch and then traveled from the south to the North Island.

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Photo: Yara Regring

Do not lose family

“Why New Zealand? My dad’s cousin lives there. He was already there and told me to go. I do not travel to places like Thailand or Polly. My boyfriend and I fell in love with New Zealand. My boyfriend and I fell in love with New Zealand. That’s why we recorded it in a green form. We made this tattoo with a mori! If he had it, we would live there, but I can’t lose my family here.

Excellent experience

“I thought the most beautiful part of our trip was the northern part of the North Islands. There are beaches that are inaccessible because they are far away. We caught fish and cleaned ourselves there. I have never eaten so tasty and fresh! We only went one night but stayed three nights. After the second day our The food was already gone. We flipped the switch and did not run to the supermarket, but caught our own food, caught the fish and ate it clean.

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Photo: Yara Regring

A new record

The trip to New Zealand taught someone to put both feet on the ground. But through her adventure, she learned to chase dreams. After returning, it was time for a new adventure: her own fair trade Clothing brand YAÁRRE.

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Photo: Yara Regring

Excellent source of inspiration

“Each collection is based in New Zealand and is named after the destination we went to. I have incorporated the colors and logs I received there into one of the clothing line. YAÁRRE is for sale online now, but it would be nice if I could put my clothes in a store in Tilburg.

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