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Sonos channel offers high quality music now in the Netherlands too

Sonos channel offers high quality music now in the Netherlands too

Lossless music is higher sound quality that has not been scaled down for more economical streaming. With uncompromised music, some details are easy to hear. Radio Sonos HD Previously available in the US and UK, it will also be available in Germany, France, Austria, Canada and the Netherlands from Tuesday.

A subscription to Sonos Radio HD costs 7.99 € per month. Then subscribers listen to music in CD quality: FLAC files at 16-bit and 44.1 kHz. Listening is also ad-free and subscribers can skip and repeat songs.

Exclusive Programs

There will also be exclusive programs for paying users. For example, musician and producer Brian Eno discusses his own work on The Lighthouse, playing existing and previously unreleased songs. Dolly Parton talks about her music on Songteller Radio.

All original Sonos radio stations can be heard in high quality, featuring the HD logo. The highest quality is available on all new Sonos systems S2 . system.

Competitors with lossless music

Competitor TuneIn has been offering Lossless Radio in the Netherlands for some time. In addition, more and more offers lossless music streaming services at no extra cost, like Amazon and since Tuesday too Apple Music.

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