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Sony encourages cross-play on PlayStation

Sony encourages cross-play on PlayStation

PlayStation Director Jim Ryan was late during an interview with Axios You know the company “supports and encourages cross-play”. Subsequently, Ryan reports a number of games already support cross-play and says here that “the number of supported games will continue to grow”. So don’t be surprised if more games suddenly arrive that all support cross-play.

Sony is looking more and more into cross-play these days than ever before. Initially, Sony didn’t want anything to do with cross-play and only gave players the options to play with other PlayStation users. Sony was the last company to finally give up on the idea of ​​cross-play.

Publishers must pay for cross-play on PlayStation

Although it’s a nice change from Sony, there is still one caveat. Sony wants to see a certain percentage of revenue from every game that uses or supports cross-play on PlayStation. This is clear from the lawsuit between Epic in apple.

Small games should not be covered by this payment, but if cross-play game sales exceed $500,000 in sales per year, the percentage should go to Sony. So it remains to be seen which companies are willing to collaborate. Randy Pitchford left Twitter You already know that Borderlands 3 You’ll also get cross-play, but not on PlayStation because of this regulation from Sony.

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