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Soon you can eat in space for $500,000

Soon you can eat in space for $500,000

Is eating at a star restaurant too boring for you? After that, you will soon be able to truly dine among the stars in space, although you will need a lot of money for this.

When you have money, you have the space to do almost anything you want. You can buy a very expensive and ugly phone and you won't have to work anymore.

In short, you have plenty of time to do all kinds of other fun things. You can even go to a restaurant every day, but that will of course become very boring. Maybe dining in space would be a nice change.

Dining in space costs $500,000

This should be possible from 2025 if SpaceVIP and Space Perspective can achieve their goal. The two will let you eat in space for $500,000 per person.

And don't worry, you won't get a Happy Meal for that money. The menu was prepared by Danish chef Rasmus Munk. He owns the Alchemist restaurant, which has two Michelin stars.

Soon you can eat in space for $500,000
Still in development. (Image: Space Perspective)

But the monk doesn't just cook, because He is also the host in the space. You eat in a space balloon that reaches an altitude of about 30 kilometers. There's also WiFi inside, because you might instantly get bored of the space. This way you can at least make your friends jealous by live streaming.

We are the eight among the stars

The flight can accommodate a total of eight people and a pilot, and according to the companies behind Dinners in Space, it takes place in the largest space capsule ever built for manned space travel. During that trip they saw the sun rise over Earth. As mentioned, this will only be possible in 2025. The first test flights will begin from April this year.

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By the way, Space Perspective already offers flights worth $125,000. Much cheaper than $500,000, but you won't get a meal from a star chef in space. This is of course a little less.

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