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Space Policy Plan Ready - City of Mechelen

Space Policy Plan Ready – City of Mechelen

Our city is growing, but our space is not. Curious how we will do that in the future? Then read Mechelen's spatial policy plan.

We now have 87,000 people from Mechelen. This number continues to rise every day. Makes sense, because our city is vibrant and has many assets. But more people in Mechelen also means more workplaces, more homes and more need for green spaces. This is in the same area. How are we going to do that? This is stated in the Spatial Policy Plan, which is an intelligent and high-quality guide to the future. Tomorrow's Mechelen.

A milestone for our city

In recent years, the Engineering Office and several city services and experts have worked together intensively on this plan. They regularly left the town hall to talk to many Mechelen residents. This allowed us to continue improving the plan.

The spatial policy plan for Mechelen has now been fully finalized. A milestone in the spatial policy of our city.

What's inside it?

  • A strategic vision of what we want the city of Mechelen to look like in 2040.
  • Three policy frameworks translate vision into practice: Mechelen Grow, Mechelen Green, Yellow and Blue, and Mechelen Work
  • Action Plan

It replaces the spatial structure plan

On March 25, the municipal council approved the Mechelen Spatial Policy Plan. Now it goes to the Flemish government and the province of Antwerp to make sure it fits into their plans. This will be followed by its publication in the Belgian Official Gazette and will enter into force 14 days later. That will be the end of May. From then on, the Mechelen Spatial Policy Plan will permanently replace the outdated Spatial Structure Plan.

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All about the Mechelen Spatial Policy Plan. You'll also soon find a shorter version here.