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Reismedia raises money for the MS Fund during four days in Mallorca: “There is no solution yet”

In a few days, Reismedia, publisher of Aviation News, Reisbizz and Trip Talk, will depart for Mallorca to take part in Four Days in Mallorca. Reismedia is involved in raising money for the MS Fund. “There is no solution for MS (yet).”

“There are 25,000 people with MS in the Netherlands, and every day someone is diagnosed with MS,” says the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. “MS is the most disabling disease among young people. There are medications that can slow the disease, but there is no solution for MS (yet).” The fund supports research projects into the causes and solutions of MS. “The more we know about the origins of MS, the better we can determine what can stop MS.”

Editor-in-Chief Natasia Hogstede explains why Reismedia chose the MS Fund: “It's important to be able to contribute to research into MS, because within our team we also deal with family members affected by this disease. At the same time” this team building activity He has a noble goal. And of course we want to raise the largest amount possible with the team. Will you help us with a donation?

You can donate to the MS Fund via this link.

Four days from Mallorca
Jolanda de Kooning from Apollo at Home co-organises the work for Reismedia and has this to say about it: “The four-day Mallorca walk is a lot of fun. It's small in size, so the atmosphere is always very good. This is the third time this event has been held in Cala Ratjada. “This village is very suitable for the four-day event. This cozy village, with many bars, beaches and restaurants, is the perfect place for a drink after a walk. The organization has arranged live music every day this year, so you can get your feet wet after each stage.

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Jolanda shares another tip for people who are also traveling to Mallorca to walk the four-day walks. “Make sure you bring a good water bottle that you can use every day. This way we use less plastic during the event and that's a good thing!”