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'SpaceX Builds Spy Satellites for US'

'SpaceX Builds Spy Satellites for US'

SpaceX is developing a secret spy satellite for the United States. Many sources say this Reuters. SpaceX will build an entire network of spy satellites for the National Intelligence Office (NRO). The network will be part of a $1.8 billion contract awarded to SpaceX in 2021.

Sources said the network would better help the US detect threats from anywhere in the world. The NRO is responsible for sharing classified satellite images with the Pentagon and the CIA. It is operated by SpaceX under the Starshield contract and, like many satellites, this network operates from low Earth orbit.

Surveillance satellites

The satellites will provide surveillance and will be the most versatile, capable and resilient system the world has ever known, a source said. It is also of great interest to the US military who may gain access or information from this network. The network is said to be partially in place: twelve prototype satellites are set to fly aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and be installed in 2020.

Starshield, sound familiar? It's called Starlink, similar to SpaceX's internet satellites, and you can now subscribe in the Netherlands too. Of these, 5,500 are now in the air and more are to be added. But maybe spy satellites too. The United States government considers this kind of quick way to see what's going on in a particular place on Earth very important. Either way, you can't hide it easily.

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star shield

These satellites are positioned in low Earth orbits which are special: satellites are usually located at a relatively high altitude. However, looking at satellites seems too expensive, and Americans seem a little hot under the feet that other countries, including China, are also more interested in space. So there seems to be some urgency in that Starshield network.