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SpaceX shares a great picture of Earth

SpaceX shares a great picture of Earth

The space ensures beautiful pictures and you won’t need an expensive camera for that. SpaceX proves that this can also be done with the iPhone 12.

The crew of SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 took a private spaceflight. The group of astronauts recently showed several shots taken with a high-quality Nikon camera. This weekend, mission leader Jared Isakman once again shared some photos taken with an iPhone that look really cute.

iPhone photo in space

Of course, it’s no surprise that the photos look good. The iPhone is known for its good camera and seems to be able to deliver good shots in space as well. Isaacman takes a sharp image of the Earth at an altitude of 575 kilometers.

The photo was taken in the glass dome under the nose cone of the Crew Dragon capsule. “This video was captured over Brazil on our first day in space. It was taken with an iPhone, but hopefully we can share some Nikon photos soon as well. It’s such an honor to see Earth from this perspective. We need much better care for our home planet and looking after.” Astral in the process,” Isakmin tweeted.

Therefore, more photos of the mission should be published in the coming weeks. This applies to both photos taken with the Nikon camera and the iPhone 12.

SpaceX’s space tourism revenue source

Iscaacman leads the SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission. During this mission, SpaceX takes four non-professional astronauts into space for a three-day trip around Earth.

Space companies are increasingly investing in non-astronaut flights. These space tourists generate a lot of money that can be used to develop new spacecraft. For example, Jeff Bezos has already flown in with his commercial space mission from his company, Blue Origin. In addition, these trips also provide excellent photos taken with the iPhone.

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iPhone in space: SpaceX shares a great photo of Earth

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