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This app tackles spider fear: virtual spiders crawl on your hand

This app tackles spider fear: virtual spiders crawl on your hand

Phobys can help you face your worst fears in a safe virtual world. How it works? Download the app and scan the space around you. You will then see a virtual spider appear. Don’t panic right away, it’s just a computer animation. Quietly look at the animal and practice on the increasingly challenging levels. In the end you let the spider walk on your hand. No problem, because the spider is fake.

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The principle works exactly the same as in Pokémon Go. So you see the real environment with virtual characters, in this case spiders. With the app you get a harmless form of exposure. This so-called remedy can help get rid of your fear. Anyway, it’s an easier step than training “for real” with a live spider.

In the app you will play an increasingly challenging level, with longer and more interaction with the 3D spider. After each level, you have to indicate how you feel and whether you can handle more.

A small study of 66 people with a fear of spiders according to Knowledge Show that the app really helps people with a mild fear of spiders. People who trained on the app dared to get closer to a spider than people who didn’t do anything about their spider phobia.


Are you afraid of spiders? Practically practice staying calm as a furry eight-legged animal walks over you. If you practice long enough, you will see that spiders are not as scary or dirty in secret as you thought. In short: persevere and don’t forget to hold your breath.

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