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SpaceX Starlink exceeds 500,000 pre-orders

Space company SpaceX launched 60 new satellites yesterday and now has more than 500,000 pre-order customers.


According to the technology site Tech Crunch. SpaceX, the space company of entrepreneur Elon Musk, announced yesterday that it has crossed the 500,000-order milestone for its upcoming Starling satellite service. This is a significant increase from the 10,000 orders placed by the company in February. In addition, 60 new satellites were launched. It forms the largest set of satellites, with 1,500 added.


Starling is SpaceX’s ambitious plan to create an Internet network accessible from anywhere in the world. By providing this common link, they hope to provide Internet access to poor or remote areas. Currently, the service is only available to users from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States and Canada. Interested parties can register via the website Starling Sign up to participate. Due to high demand, the company will struggle to process everything. This is currently leading to delays in applications.


The launch of 60 satellites on May 4 took place five days after the previous flight. Since the beginning of March, there are now 420 satellites floating around. To use the service, users must purchase a Starling Kit in addition to the subscription, which includes the receiver, router and power supply. There will be more launches in the course of this year. The goal is to have almost complete security by the end of 2021.

In late October, Starling launched the first trial subscriptions to its Internet service. For only $ 99 a month, a select group of people can participate in the first trials. Internet speed is still different from our current standards. Elon Musk has already promised to double the download speed from 150mb / s to 300Mb / s this year.

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