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The United States and China clash in front of the world at the first meeting under Biden

The US and Chinese ambassadors have publicly blamed each other on the first body meeting between the two countries since US President Biden came to power.

At the meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, US Secretary of State Blinken opened the meeting by expressing his “deep concern” about China’s operations in Hong Kong, the country’s role in cyber attacks on the United States, and other issues. To him, threaten “stability in the world”.

Ten minute argument

Chinese High Ambassador Yang responded with a speech that lasted more than ten minutes instead of the planned two minutes, in which he accused the United States of forcing “its own version of democracy,” while the United States is fighting with it, namely Capital’s storm.

He also saw the aggression of US foreign policy and the treatment of minorities in that country.

After Yang finished his speech, Blinken kept reporters in the room to respond. He said China’s neighbors were “really pleased” that the United States was so active in the international arena under Biden, citing his recent visits to Japan and South Korea.

Following that, the Chinese again wanted to react to Blingen, which led to a fight over when the press should leave the room.

The controversy went like this:

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