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SPD, FDP and Greens reach coalition deal in Germany

SPD, FDP and Greens reach coalition deal in Germany

After two months of negotiations, the three constituent German parties will present their coalition agreement at 3 p.m.

The negotiators were formally discussing the formation of a Traffic Lights Alliance. traffic light, a traffic light, represents the government of the Social Democrats (red), the Liberals (orange) and the greens. SPD member Olaf Schulz will be the new chancellor

At 3 p.m., they will give their consent at a press conference. The deal still has to be approved by the parties themselves, for example through a party meeting. It is the first three-party alliance in Germany since the 1950s.

Schulz’s party was the biggest winner in the September parliamentary elections, at the expense of the conservative CDU/CSU bloc led by Chancellor’s candidate Armin Laschet. The Greens and the FDP were the third and fourth parties that chose to negotiate with the SPD, having also had exploratory talks with the CDU/CSU.

In recent weeks, the three parties have already agreed to basic text of twelve pages. By 2030, the new German government will want to close coal mines and shut down gas-fired power plants by 2040, the sources said. Reuters.

With the arrival of the new government, Angela Merkel is stepping down as chancellor after 16 years of leading Germany.

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