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Sweden's first newly elected prime minister resigns after a few hours |  Abroad

Sweden’s first newly elected prime minister resigns after a few hours | Abroad

Less than eight hours after she was elected to parliament as Sweden’s first female head of government, Magdalena Andersson submitted her resignation to Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlin. After all, the Green Party’s support for the minority coalition was lost.

Andersson has been president of Socialdemokraterna, the Swedish Social Democratic Workers’ Party since the beginning of this month, and has also served as Sweden’s finance minister since 2014.

The Green Party resigned after parliament passed an alternative budget bill from the opposition. This was the first time that parliament in Stockholm had approved a budget being negotiated with a “far-right party,” one of the two parties’ leaders, Per Bolund, said at a press conference, referring to the populist Swedish Democrats.

There is a constitutional practice to want a coalition government to resign if a party withdraws. “I don’t want to run a government whose legitimacy is at stake,” Anderson, 54, said at a news conference. She added that she hoped to be re-elected in a subsequent vote and to lead a 100 percent social democratic government. It is not clear at the moment whether such a vote will take place.

Parliament Speaker Norlin says he has accepted the resignation and is now reaching out to party leaders before deciding tomorrow how to proceed.

A Social Democrat on his way to becoming Sweden’s first female prime minister