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"Spider-Man: No Way Home" will be released on Tuesday and it has big surprises

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” will be released on Tuesday and it has big surprises

A few weeks ago, the first trailer for Spider-Man: There’s no way home There are some hints to the wicked that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) on his adventure in the multiverse. Next Tuesday there will be a lot of photos, perhaps quite revealing.

The trailer will be revealed at a major fan event in Los Angeles next Tuesday. Banner for the event stating that there is “big surprises” it will be. Odds are that those surprises will go to the other villains in the movie and maybe even arrive Tobey Maguire employment Andrew Garfield.

Or even bigger discoveries?
Sony Pictures may also reveal more about the Spider-Man Universe (SMU) during the meeting. In January 2022 already published Morbius In 2023, at least three films must be released Craven the fisherman. We’ll know after Tuesday.

The second trailer will likely appear online shortly after the fan event and will be shown in cinemas during shows Ghostbusters: AfterlifeIt is also a Sony Pictures movie.

Spider-Man: There’s no way home by John Watts Shows in Dutch cinemas on December 16th.

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