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Warner Bros.  At first he was thinking of another actor for the role of Harry Potter |  Movie

Warner Bros. At first he was thinking of another actor for the role of Harry Potter | Movie

MovieIt wouldn’t have looked so soon if the “Harry Potter” movies looked so different. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Columbus, director of the first two films, revealed that Warner Bros. At first he was thinking of someone else for the role of the world-famous magician.

Harry Potter character was not played by Daniel Radcliffe? We can hardly imagine it, but it almost happened. According to director Chris Columbus, they were at Warner Bros. Initially he plans to give the role to Tom Felton. The latter ended up playing the role of Draco Malfoy in all the “Harry Potter” films.

wrong hair color

“Tom was just a good actor, so we were like let’s just dye his hair, give him a scar and glasses and then we’ll see.” In the end, it was Felton’s hair color that threw a wrench into the works. “His test of Harry Potter was very good, but with kids at such a young age you can quickly see if their hair is colored or not.”

Tom Felton eventually got another role in the “Harry Potter” films, that of Draco Malfoy. “He was just as good as Draco, so we couldn’t let him go. I just knew he had to play that role,” Columbus said.

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Tom Felton. © ANP

After seeing “Harry Potter” director Daniel Radcliffe in action on another TV series, he knew the role of Harry Potter had been made for him. “Once upon a time I was watching a short series of David Copperfield on the BBC. Young Daniel Radcliffe starred in three scenes and when I saw him I just knew it was Harry Potter.”

At first, Daniel’s family was not interested in the producers’ offer, but in the end, David Heyman, one of the producers, managed to convince them. However, the deal was not finalized until JK Rowling first saw the young actor. Also according to her, he was perfect to take on the role of Harry Potter. “When Warner Bros. heard all this, they said yes almost immediately. Two days later we announced the news and the rest is history.”

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