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Spontaneous strike in the garages of D’Ieteren

D’Ieteren’s garages employees are protesting a new management plan to cut wages and working conditions.

In the garages of the D’Ieteren group

, which imports Volkswagen Group brands to Belgium, employs about 400 people. The spontaneous strike erupted after management announced its desire to cut wages and working conditions for employees, according to a report by the socialist trade union ABVV-MWB.

According to the union, management announced its strategic vision for the garages in June. It became clear this week that it “contains significant reductions in employee earnings that have been negotiated in the past”. According to unionist Jean-Paul Silikert, people left work immediately spontaneously and for an indefinite period.

The workers are ready to go to the end. They have motivation.

Jean Paul Selikerts

Associative ABVV-MWB

D’Ieteren has been reorganizing its dealers for quite some time now. Two years ago, garages were still It is located in a separate entity, sparking speculation about a possible recall of D’Ieteren’s historic car business.


A strike was organized at the company’s headquarters in Malestrat in Ixelles. “This plan cannot be discussed,” Sellekaerts says. All the achievements of fifty years have been omitted. Employees have to forgo big wages and work more. In addition, we believe that there are other savings opportunities in the management structure at D’Ieteren.