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Spotify's Wear OS app is getting a long-awaited feature, you should know that

Spotify’s Wear OS app is getting a long-awaited feature, you should know that

Wear OS has been in winter mode for years. Winter appears to be over after the I / O conference, which is also evident from the updates that Wear OS developers bring to the platform. For example, it became known during Google I / O that Spotify would provide the ability to store music locally.

Spotify update to Wear OS

For years, Wear OS has been seen as a Google concern, sparking an aversion to the platform among Wear OS developers. Wear OS was packed with functionality, but along with these functions, the platform also contained many bugs and fewer and fewer Wear watches were sold. Google partnered with Samsung on it Wear platformNow, he makes the developers change their minds. For example, it became known during Google I / O that apps like Strava would be revamped in part or entirely.

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Spotify won’t completely revamp its app, as evidenced during the opening keynote for I / O, but it will bring important mobile and desktop app functionality to the Wear OS app. This includes downloading music to Wear OS devices’ internal storage. Currently, when listening to music via Spotify on Wear OS, you should always have an internet connection. If you lose this connection, you cannot continue listening to the music.

Spotify demonstrates in its I / O presentation slides that the update makes it possible to download entire playlists. It is currently unknown if Spotify will also allow you to download single songs. It also remains unknown to what extent it will be possible to predetermine the quality of the files to be downloaded. This is already possible in Spotify on Android devices and computers.

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Wear OS in a “catch-up race”

The fact that Spotify only adds the download function after cooperating with Samsung is amazing, given that Tizen’s Spotify app has already offered the option to store music locally. At the same time, Spotify doesn’t seem to have specifically blocked the feature from Wear. The update that should bring functionality to WatchOS – Apple’s smartwatch operating system – rolls out at the same time Spotify updates Wear OS.

Meanwhile, Google is introducing its YouTube Music app to Wear OS. According to Google, this app will get a function to store music locally, just like Spotify. Both apps are not currently available. The YouTube Music app will not be released until later this year, along with a major update to Wear OS. The company has not announced exactly when this will happen during I / O 2021.

Spotify says its update to download music to Wear OS will be rolling out soon. The feature is currently under development so it may take some time to download the music to your Wear OS watch. Do you want to download music to your watch? What conditions would you like to download music locally to your watch? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Spotify - Music and Podcasts

Spotify – Music and Podcasts

Spotify is a popular music app in the Netherlands, which currently has 159 million users worldwide, of which 71 million are paid users.

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