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Google will protect your image file with a password

Google will protect your image file with a password

Google announced a series of Google Photos novelties at the Google I / O developer conference. Of note is the password protection for photos and specific options to ensure your photos are shown more often.

The most striking novelty, which was delayed for a while, is the closed volume option. The so-called “locked volume” allows you to hide certain photos with a password or biometric verification. It will no longer be distributed across the various platforms linked to, for example, the images or shown in the Google Hub.

Photos now contain four trillion images, but according to Google itself, they are barely displayed, and the majority of the stored images have not been clicked. The logical assumption is that many people use the service as an archive of everything they photograph with their smartphones. However, Google wants you to look at those images more often, and is rolling out visualization options, among other things.

For example, you can choose multiple photos that end up in slow motion for the type of image that looks good as a screen saver or in digital picture frames. The system works with your Residual Pictures. Many people trying to shoot for a moment take multiple photos before and after the “perfect” photo, and through AI, Google can link these images together to animate your still images. Obviously, don’t expect the Dreamworks movie right away, but the effect is really cool.

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Another novelty, which we categorized under “Artificial Intelligence knows you better than it knows yourself,” is what Google calls “little habits”. Often people take pictures of the same subjects. Sometimes this is so obvious: my photo album, for example, is made up of 60% of my cat’s photos. Other people may not be aware of these patterns or habits on their own. Google will now group these similar images together in a folder called “Little Patterns”.

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Finally, there are pictures that you don’t want to see for a while. For example, Google makes it easy to find tools that allow you to hide specific periods or people. You will also be able to remove photos of, for example, your previous photo from the Memories and Best of the Month groups, so that they don’t appear again without request.

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