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Rekenkamer Staphorst – onderzoek openbare ruimte

Staforst Court of Auditors – Inquiry into public space

In 2023, the Audit Office of Staforst Municipality conducted research into the way the municipality manages public space. The audit office reached the following conclusions:

• No integrated policy has been developed, but an integrated working style has developed within Staforst Municipality over the years, which is both strong and weak at the same time.

• The quality of public space management is positive, although there is a structural lack of visibility at municipal level about the quality of all components of public space management.

• There appear to be different views on the provision of information to the Council on policy (implementation) and management of public spaces, and therefore also on the extent to which the Council can fulfill its framing and monitoring role.

• Collaboration between residents and the municipality in the management of public spaces is positive, but there is a widespread perception of the importance of participation for quality and costs.

• Public space management costs are lower in Staforst municipality than in other municipalities, although the cost will increase significantly in 2022

Based on these conclusions, the Audit Bureau presents a number of recommendations to the Municipal Council. These matters will be discussed at the council meeting on April 23.

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