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Axel from Love Island tempts students with math

Axel from Love Island tempts students with math

1/1 Love Island’s Axel Makes Math ‘Exciting’ Again: ‘Always Finish Your Homework’

Mathematics became “exciting” again at Bios X College in Bladel. Not a dusty teacher wearing a specific T-shirt in front of the class, but a Love Island participant with magazine-worthy Insta photos: Axel Beyaert. It makes for giggles for teenage girls and an above-average interest in math. One student laughs, “All the homework done.”

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“Come here for Axel for sure,” a group of laughing girls asked the reporter without asking. Axel is the talk of the town in the school corridors. And it’s no higher math that they also looked into the teacher’s room at the beginning of this month. Team captain Roberto Bunguel laughs: “The teachers were on the front line to hear what’s coming for the new teammates.”

Axel is, to say the least, a striking appearance within the profession. In addition to being a math teacher, he is a personal trainer and model. Several muscular photos can be seen on his Instagram page. Not to mention his participation on Love Island Dating in 2020.

“Of course I do my best.”

Some girls listen carefully to the lesson about fractions and percentages on Monday afternoon. “Of course I do my best,” says one student. She admits “I always finish my homework. Yes, he’s so handsome.”

And some pictures of a swimsuit didn’t stop Pius X from dragging his math teacher. “We are a school that tries to make everything possible,” says Bangwill. “Our school has room for everyone.” Axel adds, “It’s important to have a hobby alongside your work. Students think modeling is natural.”

A shirt tied at 25 years old.

Let’s be honest: It’s a different thing than a teacher wearing a specific T-shirt. Axl: “Who knows, maybe I’ll wear it in 25 years,” he laughs. “Fortunately, I’m a lot younger now. This should be the profession too.”

After Love Island, he found it especially important to “seduce” young people to commit themselves to mathematics. “If I, as a younger teacher, connect better with their experience, that’s just great.”

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