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STIB proposes a wider and more modern tram model

STIB proposes a wider and more modern tram model

Brussels transport company STIB received the first model of its new TNG (New Generation Tram) tram in mid-October. The car was displayed on Monday at a warehouse in Haren. In line with the new M7 metro, TNG should offer more comfort and space.

From the outside, the appearance looks a little more modern, compared to the previous T3000 and T4000 tram models. The difference is made especially from the inside. It is immediately noticeable that there is more space because the seating layout has changed and it appears that there is more room to stand due to the use of more folding chairs. As always, STIB uses leather to cover the seats.

The wooden tones of the trams, combined with the large amount of metal, give a modern look. Wide doors and low floor make access to TNG more spacious and comfortable. People with reduced mobility and families with prams were taken into account. LED lights indicate when you can get in and out.

90 tram

“Besides the added convenience, the arrival of these new Tram 90, along with the replacement of the old tram, will provide about 10,000 additional places on the network,” says Priuc de Mey, CEO of STIB.

In the initial order, 90 TNG trams will be delivered, consisting of 49 short (32 m) vehicles and 41 long (43 m) vehicles. The agreement provides for the possibility of ordering up to 175 trams. “Thanks to the huge investment in STIB, it offers Brussels residents and visitors to the capital increasingly safer and more efficient transport options,” Brussels Transport Minister Elke van den Brandt (Green) concluded.

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The new tram will now be tested extensively on the STIB network and the first flights with passengers will take place in 2022. This is a bit later than planned, as earlier this year it appeared that the tram would start service this year.